Renewable Energy

We at Ferm Eng Ltd. are bringing together our expertise in both the electrical and mechanical engineering fields to put functional solutions together in the area of renewable energy. We hold a strong belief that in coupling together  complementary renewable and conventional technologies in a coherent fashion we can maximise the benefits that renewable energies offer.

Renewable energies installed properly can drastically reduce the cost of running your building or dwelling, this is especially true when the fabric of the building or dwelling is built and insulated to the best standards practicable. Prior to the installation of renewable energy systems Ferm Eng Ltd can conduct an energy audit on your building/dwelling and recommend the best course of action for you to maximize the benefits of a renewable installation. This can even be done prior to the building being constructed if you are starting a new build.

Ferm Eng Ltd. also provide a BER assessment facility which is required for all new dwellings since Jan ’07, it will also be required for all new buildings from July ’08 forward and all existing dwellings from Jan ’09. See for more details.

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